Chicago Executive Compensation Dispute Lawyer

Attorney Ruth Major provides legal advice to executives and professionals seeking to enforce the compensation terms of their employment agreements. Commonly, the disputes regarding compensation involve an employer refusing to honor the terms of the contract. Ms. Major has served on both sides of these disputes, having previously served as counsel to large corporations with respect to their executive compensation disputes. As such, she understands the strategies and tactics used by corporation counsel. She also understands how to recognize these strategies and attack them from the employee's perspective.

Failure to Pay Compensation Due

The firm has advised clients with respect to any number of compensation disputes, including:

  • bonuses
  • commissions
  • salary
  • overtime
  • severance
  • employer reneging after employee performs the terms of the contract

While Ms. Major always seeks a speedy resolution to the dispute that minimizes costs, she can advise you when a courtroom is the most effective avenue in which to resolve your matter. Her clients confidently rely on her record of success in the courtroom, before the Illinois Department of Labor and in state and federal courts. Her recognized ability in the courtroom ensures that opposing counsel take any negotiations seriously if there is a genuine desire on their client's part to avoid bringing the issue before a judge.

Contact Chicago Compensation Dispute Attorney

For a confidential discussion with an Illinois executive compensation disputes lawyer, contact Ms. Major by calling 312-893-7544. You can also schedule an appointment with Ms. Major by contacting her firm online.