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While the Chicagoland area is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, every member of its business community knows how small the circle of professionals and executives really is. While this maximizes networking, it also brings with it the problem of rumors and gossip that, in such a small circle, travel quickly. For this reason, one's reputation in Chicago is critical. Attorney Ruth Major advises those members of the business community who have had their reputation sullied within this small circle of professionals and executives.

Libel and Slander Attorney

Workplace defamation can take many forms. Defamation often occurs when the executive or professional has accepted a position at a new place of employment. Before that person moves on, the former employer may attempt to tarnish that person's reputation with the current employer, the future employer and possibly even the business community in general.

Fortunately, Illinois law does not tolerate this situation. The law provides a number of avenues of redress for employees victimized by defamation. Ms. Major can advise you as to your options. Having served as both in-house and outside counsel to large Chicago corporations, Ms. Major is uniquely positioned to provide you with the insights she gained from her time representing the other side. She can recognize significant facts you may have overlooked and help you build your case to protect your rights.

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