Chicago Discrimination Lawyer

The Law Offices of Ruth I. Major, PC, represents employees victimized by changes in their employment status caused by the wrongful decision of an employer. Often, these wrongful decisions occur in the context of terminations, demotions, promotions and other discriminatory behavior on the part of the employer.

Wrongful Termination Attorney


The firm has represented employees terminated or threatened with termination. In cases where her client has not been terminated, Ms. Major has been able to successfully negotiate with the employer to transfer the employee to another position within the company as appropriate.

In other cases, Ms. Major has counseled clients behind the scenes to ensure that the firm's clients position themselves well for potential litigation. This counseling often involves the proper use of work computers as well as personal use of the Internet, including social media and other forms of public information.

For her clients who have been terminated prior to seeking the firm's legal counsel, Ms. Major provides legal advice on whether there exist any viable claims against the employer. She also works with the firm's clients to develop the best strategy to ensure their rights are protected and enforced. These strategies can include negotiation of settlement agreements or litigation.

Demotion and Failure to Promote

The attorneys at Ms. Major's firm have represented clients who have been passed over for promotion while other less qualified candidates move ahead of them up the corporate ladder.

Discrimination (Race, Gender, Age, Disability, Etc.)

Ms. Major has also represented clients in claims of race, national origin, pregnancy, disability and age discrimination, as well as retaliation claims relating to discrimination. She has handled such claims in forums such as the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Chicago Commission on Human Relations, state court and federal court and in arbitration.

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