Non Compete
Chicago Tribune article addressing a development in noncompete law. (Chicago Tribune, "State Supreme Court Clarifies Noncompete Agreement Law," December 23, 2011)

Chicago Tribune, "Win in Parental Discrimination Case Raises issues for Employers," front page, January 24, 2010
ABC News, "Dena Lockwood Was Fired When She Called in Sick to Care for Her Daughter," January 29, 2010
The case was recognized as the leading case of its kind in the nation and was featured on the Today show in 2010

Contract Enforcement Issues
Ms. Major successfully represented the Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union in a high profile state court action against the CTU and the President of the CTU, among others, including obtaining a temporary restraining order (Chicago Sun-Times, "A Union Divided," front page, June 12, 2008).
Ms. Major then successfully enforced a $100,000 liquidated damages provision from the settlement agreement the parties had entered into and the trial court's ruling was affirmed by a unanimous panel of the Illinois First District Appellate Court in March of 2011.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, "Court OK's Liquidated Damages Set at 'Minimum' Amount", front page, June 3, 2011)

Ms. Major is currently representing a former employee in a whistleblower claim against Alpha Kappa Alpha and recently defeated two motions to dismiss, (Chicago Sun-Times, "One Sorority Problem is Solved, Another Isn't," February 4, 2010).
She also represented a former president of the same sorority in a claim seeking review of the books and records of the sorority, winning a motion for preliminary injunction and then obtaining a court finding that the sorority was in contempt of court when it refused to comply with the court order. (Chicago Sun Times, "AKA Must Give Up Records; Judge Demands Bookkeeping in Probe of Payment to Past President").

Sexual Harrassment
In the summer of 2011 Ms. Major settled a high profile sexual harassment claim brought by the former Human Resources Director against the City of Sheboygan, Wisconsin involving claims against the mayor. (NBC 26 News, "Sheboygan Agrees to Pay Big," August 25, 2011).

In the spring of 2011 Ms. Major won an appeal of an Illinois trial court's ruling ordering her client's employment claims to arbitration. (Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, "Appeals Panel Says Arbitration Not Only Way," front page, April 18, 2011).