Chicago Severance Dispute Lawyer

A post-employment compensation dispute can indeed be managed. Attorney Ruth Major understands the issues at stake regarding reputation and business connections. Having herself served as in-house counsel to significant players in the Chicago business community, Ms. Major appreciates the need to maintain and repair strained relationships. She also understands when the resolution of a dispute requires the intervention of a courtroom. Whether she is negotiating on her client's behalf or presenting the matter for a judge's consideration, Ms. Major ensures that your severance dispute receives careful legal attention.

Chicago Post-Employment Attorney

Post-employment dispute issues often arise when the employer believes that the executive or professional employee will "cut their losses" and move on, rather than enforce the terms of the employment agreement. Many times, unfortunately, the employer often bets correctly. One of the main reasons that even executives leave compensation on the table rather than enforce the agreement is that executives often wish to do everything possible to leave on good terms. These executives are concerned that involving an attorney will automatically sour whatever is left of a formerly productive business relationship.

With the right attorney, however, this souring need not occur. Ms. Major will change how you view post-employment legal services. She has advised these same corporations on these same issues as in-house and outside counsel. She understands that these corporations have lawyers for the very purpose of receiving legal advice regarding post-employment compensation dispute strategies. She can provide that same level of service now should you be embroiled in a controversy with a business partner whom you wish to keep as part of your ongoing business development strategy.

Ms. Major knows how to preserve these long-term business relationships while also enforcing hotly disputed contract terms regarding compensation. Her nuanced approach to these matters will not only preserve your current business relationships, but it will also improve them as you will be viewed in the Chicago business community as a savvy negotiator and protector of your interests. Protecting your own interests translates into protecting the interests of the business you promote.

Common disputes regarding post-employment compensation involve:

  • Due compensation
  • Stocks
  • Commissions
  • Severance

Where negotiation does not reach the goal, Ms. Major also knows how to productively resolve these disputes in court. Again, without adopting a scorched-earth approach, Ms. Major shapes her courtroom controversies in such a way that the issues remain issues without consuming the entire business relationship. She achieves your immediate business goals while also maintaining and maximizing your long-term goals.

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