Chicago Lawyer for Wrongful Interference With Employment Opportunities

A former employer has many ways of wrongfully interfering with an employee's prospects for future employment elsewhere. While the employer usually resorts to defamation, other avenues exist which do not involve lying or misrepresentation. Sometimes, an employer may disclose certain rightfully gained facts about the employee and, in doing so, violate the terms of a confidentiality agreement between the employer and employee.

Even without a confidentiality agreement, an employer may be in possession of personal facts about the employee, such as the employee's financial condition, medical condition or some other area of personal sensitivity. And this information may be true. But for the employer to disclose it to a former employee's potential employer may constitute a legally actionable breach of privacy. This is particularly the case where the disclosure was made to ruin the former employee's chances of gaining a position with a potential employer.

Chicago Tortious Interference Attorney

Many times, because these cases do involve such sensitive and personal issues, executives and professionals avoid pursuing any legal action against the former employer. However, an attorney who understands these issues of sensitivity and how to manage them legally can help such executives and professionals achieve justice while preventing further damage to their business reputations. Attorney Ruth Major can help you recover damages for tortious interference of future business relations or contract, which may include:

  • Economic loss
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost profits
  • Punitive damages

Ms. Major knows how to litigate these cases from both sides of the case. As a former in-house and outside counsel to top-level business corporations, Ms. Major understands the strategies applied by counsel for these same corporations. Her record of past courtroom success stands as a testament to her skills in presenting her clients' cases to the court.

Chicago Attorney for Wrongful Interference With Employment Opportunities

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