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The Law Offices of Ruth I. Major, PC, provides its clients with a full menu of legal services relevant to the careers of executives and professionals. The list below is intended to be illustrative, but not exhaustive. If you do not find your particular question answered by the materials below, contact Ms. Major directly to ask if the firm provides legal services in your area of inquiry. The firm provides comprehensive business legal advice regarding employee law to its executive and professional clients. Chances are that Ms. Major provides legal services directly addressing your concerns as well.

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The firm currently finds that most of its clients request legal guidance with respect to the following areas of practice:

A guiding principle of Ms. Major's practice is that executives and professionals deserve the same level of legal services and advice that is provided to the corporations that employ her clients. As a result of having served as both inside and outside counsel to these same corporations, Ms. Major has seen firsthand how the corporations allocate significant resources to retaining and consulting legal counsel regarding employment issues. Yet, time and time again, executives and professionals fail to retain their own legal advisor, thus compromising their own business interests for no particular gain. Ms. Major is working to change the way the Chicago business community goes about its employment decisions. Educating her clients as to their legal rights as employees is one of many steps she is taking in this direction.

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For advice regarding your rights as a professional or executive employee, contact attorney Ruth Major. Call her firm at 312-893-7544 or contact her online to schedule an entirely confidential initial consultation.