Chicago Employment Negotiation Lawyer

An attorney who understands business understands people and their relationships. These relationships consist of long-term engagements involving multiple landmarks over an indefinite period of time.

One of these landmarks is the negotiation of the employment contract. Particularly for executives and professionals, employment contract negotiations require a well-developed legal judgment responsive to the personalities involved. The advisor who is finely attuned to these nuances can maximize the immediate benefit of the contract negotiations while also preserving and even enhancing the long-term relationship between the employee and the employer.

Having represented both the employer and the employee at the highest levels of corporate Chicago, attorney Ruth Major has an acutely developed sensitivity to these issues. She understands how to read her clients' individual situations to best determine what style of pre-employment negotiation will work best.

Most importantly, she recognizes that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to contract negotiations. Whereas some negotiations may require a hard-line stance, many more contract negotiations (if not most) require a delicate touch that allows the employee to fairly negotiate for compensation and duties while also making sure that the negotiations do not poison the waters for the employee at the workplace.

Frank and Honest Legal Counsel

Without knowing it, many executives and professionals actually do seek legal counsel prior to signing their employment agreements. Unfortunately, this legal counsel usually comes unspoken from themselves in the form of a good feeling or happiness at having started a promising job.

Good feelings, of course, do not an effective legal opinion make. This haphazard but well-meaning approach to negotiation often leaves professionals and executives out in the cold when the relationship later sours or the relationship otherwise comes to completion.

Ms. Major will help you submit your employment agreement to the cold harsh light of reality. In doing so, Ms. Major provides you with the kind of frank and honest legal advice characteristic of effective legal analysis and review. Ultimately, Ms. Major successfully provides her clients with an analysis of the full menu of options in front of them in any given negotiation setting. The clients can then confidently make their business decisions, knowing that Ms. Major has provided them with a full assessment of the pros and cons of any employment contract.

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